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Mental Health First Aid


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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training helps reduce stigma, promotes community wellbeing and educates people about mental health problems in our society today.  

Many workplaces now have certified staff.  A free MHFA workplace implementation guide is available for download by clicking the button below:

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness practices are more relevant now than ever.  With consistent use, you can become more aware, calm, flexible and less judgemental.  It doesn't take long to incorporate a form of daily practice that works for you.  It's a great self-care strategy and a good way of develping greater kindness to self as well as a balanced mind.

Walking Group

5 Reasons to join...

1. Outdoors​  Most of us live, work and sleep indoors.  Getting into nature does wonders for your health.  Japanese doctors now even prescribe forest bathing as a way of regaining vitality.  

2. Discipline  Setting a weekly schedule to walk helps to keep your health goals on track.  Small, consistent effort over time generates better results.

3. Connections  Social wellbeing is a basic human need yet many people feel disconnected.  Joining others face-face helps forge that link.

4. Movement  Moving on a regular basis helps your body generate its own endorphins (happy hormones) which in turn enhances overall mood.

5. Mind  You get to notice the journey when engaged in mindful walking.  It's not about going from point A to point B.  In being fully present, your mind sharpens its focus, memory and flexibility.


Vision   To connect people to self and others through holistic-based services so that they feel physically well, mentally balanced and spiritually elevated.

Mission   To promote mental health through MHFA, mindfulness, movement and holistic-based programs for personal development.

Values   To become more aware and accepting of self and others through learning, love and service.

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